Violin lessons

“Eduard has really instilled a love of music in my daughter and the lessons have already helped her in unexpected ways, beyond learning the actual instrument….Supporting a young child as they learn to play a musical instrument is one of the most rewarding journeys I have been on as a parent, and Eduard is wonderfully supportive of the parent’s role in the process”  Angie, mother of a student


Eduard Marcet Violin lessons

I teach violin lessons to children from age 4 up to conservatory level. In the lessons I share my passion for music making and violin playing. In the last years I have been studying different fantastic pedagogic methods like Suzuki Method, Colourstrings and the Alexander Technique in order to make my violin teaching more complete and effective. Young beginners start with the Suzuki Method. This approach helps children to grow and develop their potential.  Furthermore, this is not just a musical experience, it has also a great influence on a child’s development as a human being and reinforces qualities like sensitivity, discipline and social skills.

Lessons can be taught in Dutch, English, Spanish or Catalan


What is the Suzuki method?

Student's concert- December 2017

Student's concert- December 2017

The Suzuki method is used around the world to introduce music to develop abilities in a child. It was conceived and developed by the Japanese violinist Shinichi Suzuki (1898-1998) in the middle of the twentieth century.

The main idea of the method is that: "Every child has talent!" This talent can be developed in the right environment. Suzuki was amazed by how a child learns one or more languages naturally, with complete ease. He thought that if any child can learn a language, he or she can also learn to play music if the same learning process is used.  

Suzuki observed how language is acquired by children, and applied the same process in order to develop musical talent in a child.


What do you need to know about daily practice?

Learning to play an instrument is like taking care of a plant, daily caring is essential for a plant to grow. If you or your child are thinking of starting to play an instrument, it is important to realize that daily practice is essential. Without that component the development would be limited and can easily lead to frustration. Therefore, finding ways to motivate your child to practice every day will bring beautiful results.


How often does the child needs to practise and for how long?

Initially, as the concentration grows, developing the discipline of practicing 5 minutes a day, will lead slowly to longer periods of study. If we succeed to make practicing an everyday habit, your child will never feel it as a burden but it will likely become a lifelong source of happiness and passion. In my lessons I invite the parents to take notes in order to help the children practicing at home. For the younger students I also invite the parents to learn the basic violin technique. That understanding will make you able to support your child better.

It is important to keep in mind that a teenager thinking about entering a Conservatory will require to practice 1 to 2 hours per day.


Practical information.

Every week there are private and group lessons which are equally important.

Private lessons: 30 min or 45 min

During these lessons, the basic technique is learnt: Development of the ear, posture and sound production are the basis of violin playing. The teacher focuses each week on a particular aspect that the parent has to work on with the child.

At the beginning the mother or the father of the younger students (3-4 years old) might take violin lessons him/herself. He/she needs to practice the basic violin technique at home in order to be able to help the child to start playing.

The child will start taking over the time of the parent's lesson when he is ready.


Group lessons: 30 minutes

Group lessons are for parents and children. In the lessons we all participate in making music together. Clapping sessions, listening to the Suzuki repertoire, reviewing what has been learned in the private lessons, and reinforcing the fact of making music together and having fun.


When and where?

Mondays and Tuesdays Lessons take place in Gràcia and l'Eixample. 

Private lessons are between 12.00 and 18.00

Group lessons -  Every Friday 17.30-18.30

We will follow the same calendar year than the schools in Barcelona

I don’t teach at student’s home.

Fees 2017-2018

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What to bring to the lessons:



-Mobile with audio/video recorder (optional)




Buying or renting an instrument.

Please don't  buy or rent an instrument without the advice of the teacher! This will avoid you buying the wrong size. The students (specially the younger ones) start the lessons without a real instrument. But with a box violin made by the parents, learning the rythms anda  getting familiar with the repertoire.