Wonderfully talented and very patient with kids: In an age where people imagine that all knowledge can be transferred through a machine, the value of an exceptional human connection is tremendous. Thank you Eduard for your patience, your good humor, and your great violin teaching expertise. Mayra is blessed to have received her introduction to music education from you, and more than that focus, dedication and posture. Eduard is always excited about teaching music, tailors lessons to his students needs, knows when to demand more and when they are struggling with a particular exercise or piece. One additional important element of Eduard is that he’s always positive. Even on non-musical notes (no pun intended), I’ve been late a few times and even had to reschedule last minute some days, and instead of impaling us with our viola, Eduard was always understanding. Pros: Helpful, Engaging, Encouraging, Smart, Patient, Funny, Fun, Communicative


Eduard is een hele goede leraar en geeft les met veel aandacht en passie voor muziek. Ik ben 17 jaar en heb nu anderhalf jaar les van Eduard (ik speel wel al 9 jaar viool) en ben in die tijd veel vooruit gegaan. Ik ben bijvoorbeeld meer ontspannen en zuiverder gaan spelen. Eduard is niet alleen een goede leraar voor jonge kinderen, maar ook een aanrader voor (ver)gevorderden.

L’Eduard és molt bon professor i dóna classe amb molta atenció i passió per la música. Tinc 17 anys i fa un any i mig que rebo classes de l’Eduard (ja toco des de fa 9 anys els violí). en quest temps he avançat molt. Per exemple, toco d’una manera més relaxada i precisa. L’Eduard no és un bon professor només per nens, sinó recomanable per a nivells avançats.


I am writing to you to recommend Eduard Marcet as an outstanding violin teacher. Eduard started to teach my daughter violin when she was four. She had been interested in learning the violin for some time, and Eduard identified and fostered this early love for the instrument and has only made her interest flourish. Eduard teaches using the Suzuki method and his methodical yet flexible approach worked incredibly well for my daughter. Eduard began by encouraging my daughter to create her own ‘box violin’ which she could decorate and then played games with her so that she would learn the correct way to hold a violin, how to walk with it and to place it in rest position. While my daughter was mastering these skills, Eduard proceeded to teach me, as the Suzuki parent, the basics so that I would be capable of guiding her in playing the violin during her practise at home. From the outset, Eduard encouraged best practice in my daughter so that she knew exactly how to concentrate, adopt an appropriate stance, and achieve an excellent bow hold. When she progressed to a ‘real’ violin, she was so excited from watching me learn with Eduard and practise at home, that she would frequently ask if she could practise violin as a reward for good behaviour! In addition to a weekly private lesson, Eduard’s weekly group lessons provided a playful yet extremely effective musical education. During these lessons, Eduard taught the basics of some music reading as well as some more general musical education which has been wonderful to observe. I would not have thought it possible to teach these musical principles to children this young, however Eduard makes it look effortless. As a parent, I have found these lessons extremely enjoyable to participate in and my daughter looked forward to them every week. As a teacher, Eduard gets the balance just right – he knows when to let children be children and to play and enjoy themselves, and when they need to be brought back to concentrate in order to learn effectively. My daughter responded incredibly well to Eduard’s teaching, and he was endlessly patient with the tribulations of a four and then five year old! Eduard has really instilled a love of music in my daughter and the lessons have already helped her in unexpected ways, beyond learning the actual instrument. Eduard has taught her to push through things that are difficult and to not give up, which is a remarkable life lesson to be learning at age four. I am seeing this new-found perseverance applied in other areas of life where previously I would see my daughter give up if something was not immediately easy. Furthermore, her concentration has expanded - initially she was unable to concentrate for more than about ten minutes but now she can exceed a dedicated half hour lesson with Eduard. Beyond this, her concentration is helping her with her school work and has also seen her be more creative in taking herself off and applying herself to craft around the house. Playing the Suzuki music around the house and singing it to each other has also meant that she is generally more expressive musically, and this has been a lovely development to observe. Eduard’s inclusive teaching practices have also meant that my daughter has learnt to take turns more effectively, to sit through other children’s classes and to appreciate other children’s skills and learning; important social skills that are helping my daughter to become a more aware and supportive member of society. Supporting a young child as they learn to play a musical instrument is one of the most rewarding journeys I have been on as a parent, and Eduard is wonderfully supportive of the parent’s role in the process. Eduard was on hand to help with any questions I had, from practicalities such as violin hire and maintenance, to questions about stance, posture and how to play the notes themselves. His expertise in Alexander Technique meant that I could be confident that my daughter was learning posture that would be gentle on her developing body, and Eduard was always sensitive to ensuring that she was comfortable and not tense as she played. Eduard is constantly attending courses and seeking new and better ways to teach the children, and it was wonderful to see the new techniques and ideas Eduard would apply the week after he had attended a new course. Beyond his teaching, Eduard’s busy programme of performances for adults and children allowed us to see his remarkable skills beyond the classroom and it was inspiring for my daughter to see the extent of her teacher’s abilities. It was a wonderful experience to learn from someone so engaged with his instrument, and with his students, and who brings the highest standards to every lesson. We are so sad to be losing Eduard as our teacher as we have to leave Amsterdam, particularly as we know it will be extremely difficult to find such a remarkable and dedicated violin teacher for my daughter to continue with. I cannot recommend Eduard enough. If