By Gustavo Ram�rez

"Eduard Marcet is a violinist who  has a multidisciplinary career playing solo, chamber and orchestral music and combining music with dance and theater amongst other activities. He has a “suitable for all audiences” approach when he plays the violin: He was trained as a classical musician but he has broadened his approach in order to reach any audience. His tool is the violin sound and he enjoys using it in order to move the emotions and feelings of  people. He also spends time teaching music to children and body and mind awareness to professional musicians"

Eduard Marcet- Playing at young age.jpg


Eduard started his musical studies at the age of seven in Barcelona. He studied at the Conservatories of Barcelona, San Sebastian and Utrecht with prestigious teachers. During all of these years of studies he had the opportunity to work with different prestigious musicians like: Keiko Wataya, Raquel Castro, Helena Satué, Eva Graubin , Casals Quartet, Gerard Claret, Albert Attenelle, Ara Malikian, Nicolas Gourbeix , Sigiswald Kuijen, Liss Perry, Natalia Gabunia amongst others.



He has played in many different orchestras and chamber music groups in the most important halls of Europe: Hollands Orkest combinatie, Ardesko (The Netherlands), Young Orchestra of Spain (JONDE), Young Orchestra of Catalonia (JONC), PRESJOVEM Orchestra, Musikene Symphony and Chamber Orchestra.Some of the conductors he has played with are : Lutz Köhler, Paul Goodwin, Pablo González, James Ross, Mark Gothoni and José Luis Estellés.


He has been collaborating with dance and theater creators. In 2011 and 2012 he played as a soloist in the contemporary dance project “El Mur“ of Carolina Alejos playing the famous Bach’s Chaconne of the Second Partita.  In 2014 he collaborated in the presentation  of “ Het temmen van de Faun” at the Hotel le Grand in Amsterdam. 




He often plays in educational programs and performances for children such as MEMO (Memorabelen Momenten), Amsterdam Baby Concerts and the Sundays for Toddlers in Teatro Munganga. He has  created two performances with music for children played around theaters and schools in the Netherlands : “Het Verhaal van Hannah en Henk” which introduces music for violin and piano and “Kiekeboe”a theater piece with the Brazilian company “Teatro Munganga” where he plays a main role.


Nowadays, parallel to his performance career, he is developing his own music studio in Amsterdam. He teaches children from age 3-4 up to the Conservatory level following the Suzuki method. That proposes that every child can learn to play the instrument in the same way that he/she has learnt his own language. For Eduard learning how to play an instrument is much more than acquiring music knowledge. It is about learning values and long life skills that will help children to develop their full potential. He is also coaches student and professional musicians with the Alexander Technique.That is a method that helps musician to be more conscious about the body and mind relationship.



For his versatility he has been asked to play at many different kinds of events at companies and places like: Randstad,Hotel le Grand,  Hotel Karel V (Utrecht), Cruise with Us (Amsterdam), Campo di fiore (Amsterdam), Abouzahra and friends (Amsterdam), Golden temple (Amsterdam)....

He was also part of different chamber music groups offering numerous recitals. As a member of the Agora Trio he won different prizes in chamber music competitions (Escola de Música de Barcelona 2003 and Ciutat de Manresa 2004). In 2012 he started a strong artistic relationship with the pianist Carlos Guerrero in the Duo GM. They worked the repertoire for violin and piano playing concerts and on the radio  in Spain, the Netherlands and England.

Other groups that he played with include: Hermann Van Veen, Ensemble Musicvie, Shandiz Ensemble, Raoul and the Wise Me.  

In 2013 he  released his first CD playing works by Handel, Bach, Brahms, Pachelbel, Monti and Massenet together with the pianist Carol Ruiz and the cellist Cèlia Torres.

He plays a violin made by the German luthier Thilo Kürten in 2008.